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Subject: Rude

2 July
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This journal is used for RP'ing Rude at . There is no money being made and the original character is all Square Enix's property. (Squeenix - how i love you)

Character Info

NAME ☆ Rude
AGE ☆ 26
TIMELINE ☆ From after AC
POWERS/ABILITIES ☆ Strength from weight training. Mako free Rude is. Limited Materia and Standard Issue Turk Gun. All in all, nothing really powerful.


PERSONALITY ☆ Rude is a person who is taciturn by nature. During Turk meetings he leaves the talking to his partner Reno, even though sometimes he wished he doesn't. If he speaks, it's usually to the point and not sugar coated. Expect bluntness and one word answers if you've engaged him in a conversation. If the man speaks, it's usually something that needs to be said and it might be wise to listen.

Opening up to others isn't an easy task and Rude will probably do as much as possible to keep an arm's length distance in relationships. His working partner, Reno probably hasn't even scratched the surface of this quiet man. With his silence, also comes an unemotional attachment to other people, again, Reno being the closest.

Rude becomes uncomfortable when brought into outside conversations, and will usually try to find an "escape" as it were. If in face-to-face meeting, you'll know he's about to leave if he checks the watch he doesn't wear or adjusts his tie and looks around.

The bald Turk has a dislike of stupidity, which is odd since he is partnered for Reno at work.


APPEARANCE ☆ Rude is in his 26th year of life. Height is 6'4 and none of it is hair or shoes. He is by our world standards, of mulatto coloring. Caramel or a shade of latte.
He's rarely seen out of his Turk uniform: a black zippered suit jacket, white button down shirt, black tie and black slacks. The only accessories he has would be sunglasses, boots and gloves. It's a strong possibility that one hasn't seen him out of uniform as he is a private person.

If one gets close enough, one would be able to see that his eyes are amber colored.

He has multiple piercings in his ears. The only one who knows if he's pierced else where would be him. Also, it is unknown if he has any tattoos or scars from previous battles. Interesting to find out, yes?


HISTORY ☆ History was something that Rude was not willing to repeat; he promised that he wouldn't strike another. Some promises are meant to be broken, if only a little.

Rude was forced to break that promise after his father broke his mother's jaw with a baseball bat and knocked her into a coma. Knowing full well that his dad's drunken stare was set on him and the hand that gripped the bat tightened a bit more, the promise fell away like his mom's broken and scattered teeth on the floor. In the end, his father lay at his feet, unconscious. His mother being put into the back of a stretcher service to be brought to Midgar General and himself, being hauled away to juvie for his actions.

Being in detention wasn't as bad as he would have thought; he got fed, got schooled - both proper and illegal learning’s and the bullies here weren't so tough. If anything, he was the quickly growing to be the larger teen. Rude would constantly get into fights, but the reasons were double-edged. Being someone that was once picked on, he'd stand ground against bullies for the underdog. Being in juvie however, a fight was a fight, even if it was for a somewhat good cause.

Little did Rude know that the ShinRa Company had its eye on him; a new wave of Turks would be forming and he would fit right in, after some "training."
The company honed his hand to hand combat skills and let him build muscle mass, making sure he was still limber enough to dodge things like, say, rockets being launched at him. One would not think a man his size would be as flexible as he is or move as fast, but he'll surprise you in a ShinRa second. Surprise you with a gloved fist to the face for starters.

ShinRa knew that their largest member of the Turks had a mean streak that could turn deadly, which at times, they employed for "questioning" purposes. That mean streak used to surface at the beginning of his training and few first years as a Turk. The violent and mean streak has toned down lots, but can rise to the surface, usually in the form of a fist to the back of his partner's head for, say breaking a pair of his shades.

Rude is simply complex and can seems like a contradiction at times. He is loyal to Rufus ShinRa and to the other members of the Turks. He will not strike a woman, especially one that he likes or has qualities that he finds admirable.

The large man finds that it's best to keep one's tongue, since more often than not, when he did let loose while younger, he would get into trouble for it. Thus is how Reno became the mouth piece of their working relationship.

While working, Rude ended up finding a “vice” that he enjoyed indulging in at times. He has a thing for young men and a secret crush on Tifa Lockhart.